My painting ‘Ocean Embrace’ reflects how we related to each other during confinement. It symbolises how we embraced each other as human brings in different ways at a time when we couldn’t physically hug or shake hands. The lovely weather certainly helped and painting outside was enjoyable and liberating for me.

Now that restrictions are easing I am able to reflect on the last 3 months of Lock down. In spite of the horror and sadness that Covid 19 has brought for so many, there are some positive outcomes from my own experience.

1. We had some wonderful family time together that we may not otherwise have had.

2. Getting closer to nature through walking the local country roads.

3. Only shopping for groceries and necessities.

4. Not stuck in traffic commuting to and from schools and extra curricular activities.

5. More time to paint and create.

6. How we as a people had more time for each other and looked after one another.

We have a long way to go with this Pandemic, but hopefully we will benefit from the lessons learned.